Rene and Ivo
John has been looking after my cats for nearly a year. I first contacted him when René (at left in this photo) was diagnosed with heart disease and I had trips I couldn't postpone. On his first visit, John showed me how to give liquid medications, saving both René and me from some first-time stress! Just recently, John took care of René and Ivo for nearly a month while I was doing research overseas. He emailed me with news and photos of the cats following each visit, and René and Ivo were in fine spirits when I got back. I could not have made that trip without a professional pet sitter of this caliber, and I recommend John to anyone whose pets need expert care.
- Dorothy Limouze

Toulouse and Lucia
John Stanford of the Posh Pups has provided boarding for my two beloved French Bulldogs on many occasions, for up to two week periods. It is always an enormous relief while I am gone to know that my dogs are with someone who not only provides nurturing, attentive and personal care to each dog, but ensures their safety, health and exercise. John and his wife allow my Frenchies full access to their apartment, and give lots of daily love to them! I heartily recommend John Stanford and his Posh Pups service!!
- Joya Erickson

We were recommended to John by word-of-mouth at the dog park, and he was introduced to our young Great Dane Lia from age 2 months. He helped us with potty training (carried a heavy puppy to the street repeatedly – no kidding) and with overcoming anxiety encountered from moving into the concrete jungle. John has given great developmental advice and made productive suggestions as Lia has matured. Now we get glowing daily reports of all Lia’s daily pet interactions (lots of them), and have a very happy dog. By the way, John boards dogs, which was very helpful when we left Lia for a weekend trip at an age when she was perhaps too young to be left in a kennel. I would highly recommend John and his services.
- R.R.

Messi and Rocky
John has been spectacular with our two dogs, Rocky and Messi. Both are rescues with different issues - Rocky is dog aggressive, and Messi is aggressive towards men. John has been skilled and professional in handling both of our pups and working around their bad habits. Additionally, Messi has become much more confident and comfortable around men (and strangers in general) since John has been walking him, and it has been a big help when we introduce him to new people! We have a great sense of peace of mind using John because he is reliable above all else - and it helps that he is personable, good humored, and flexible too!
- Carol B Mendez

I have a very crazy dog who typically won't walk with anyone, including my husband. Miraculously, she immediately loved John and will actually walk around with him! We have been through many dog walkers and have never seen her cooperate like she does with John. He seems to be very perceptive at picking up on how she is feeling and is careful to never overwhelm her. It is comforting to see how much John enjoys her, few people do. If John can manage my wonderful but terribly challenging Gracie, he can handle anything! I think he should have his own show like the "Dog Whisperer."
- Leslie H.

I came to New York City just over a year ago and was so sad to take my 3 year old maltipoo, Joey, away from his playgroup in Boston. However, when I moved to the Upper East Side and found John I was thrilled to find such a terrific substitute! John is always ready to help and very flexible about the walk schedule. I work in event planning and always have crazy hours, and John never has a problem with my last minute requests! I have also had Joey stay with John many weekends and I swear he is depressed to be back with me when the weekend is over- I think he'd like to stay with John, his wife and dog Jessie all the time! It makes me so happy to know that while I'm at work or away for the weekend Joey is having fun and VERY well taken care of. I am now moving back to Boston in August and am so incredibly sad to not be able to have Joey go out with John anymore- hopefully we will come back for some visits! I would without a doubt recommend Posh Pups to anyone in need of a dog walker!
- Sara Dacey

John is amazing and I trust him with Bentley all the time, anytime. Bentley is my 5 year old Chihuahua and of course the love of my life. John takes such good care of him and if I could have Bentley and John together everyday to watch Bentley and play with him, I would. He is so great with him, treats him as if he were his own, gives him treats, takes him on walks, gives him a nice, soft blanket to sleep on although Bentley is like a prince and jumps on John’s bed and sleeps with him. Hahahahhahaha. John even sends me photos while I am away. I travel a lot for work and I know I can call him last minute and he will be there in a flash to get and take care of Bentley. He really is amazing and Bentley loves him. John walks all my friends dogs too and they think the world of him. I am a celebrity publicist and I have also recommended John to all my famous actors and actresses. He is the best.
- Carrie Gordon

John is everything a dog walker should be... reliable, trustworthy and an animal lover. Tallulah, loves him and her trips to the dog run with him. Tallulah has also gone to "camp" with John and his wife, Nora, and their dog Jessie when we have been away and she has always been well taken care of as evidenced by the happy doggie photos John has sent us during her stay. I recommend The Posh Pups wholeheartedly (and so does Tallulah!)
- Carol Cotton

John Stanford is more than you will ever wish for in a great dog walker. He is reliable, trustworthy, flexible, and takes good care of our dog, Truman.
John has been taking care of our 11 month old, overly exuberant golden retriever since the first week we got him. I am convinced that there are some days that Truman is happier to see John then is he is to see us.
John in concerned about Truman as if he were his own pet. He consistently goes above and beyond what we expect. John once brought Truman to the vet and instead of leaving once I arrived, John stayed until we were through to make sure that Truman was okay. Then walked us home, helped carry all my bags, and made sure Truman and I got home safe. It is a blessing to have such personal service in Manhattan. We hope that John knows how much he is appreciated by ALL the Derfners
- Lauren Derfner


My 11 year old maltese Kylie gets her daily outing with John. He is extremely reliable and great with my dogs. When I decided to get Kylie a baby sister, John was there to help make a smooth introduction to my slightly territorial maltese. They are great friends now, thanks to the proper introduction and John's assistance. Now, when I travel Kylie and Katie (my chihuahua puppy) visit John's house. I know I don't have to worry about my little girls when they are under John's care. My chihuahua especially enjoys playing with Jessie during their visits, Kylie enjoys the down time from her rambunctious little sister! It's such a relief knowing that my dogs have someone so attentive and responsible looking after them.
- Dana Randall

John was great with our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Asha when we got her. She always got her exercise and was excited to see him. The service he provided us in taking care of Asha was unmatched. Not only was he dependable and timely, but he spent extra time as needed as well. We really appreciate all you did for our "family". Thanks so much.
- Drs. Jesse and Reena Somal.

John is the best! He genuinely cares for dogs and is completely responsible and respectful with your apt. Even though we have moved out of the city, Madden loves him so much that he still stays with John on all vacations!
- Jin Lee

I was lucky to have enough time to meet just about all the dog walkers in my neighborhood ( Yorkville above 86th) and I chose John at Posh Pups because of his way with people and dogs. His upbeat and relaxed manner puts me and my dog Boss at ease and I trust John entirely to care for Boss as if Boss were his own. Boss loves John, and some of the other dogs John walks- Face it he has some of the best dogs- that's all there is to it. As far as we're concerned Posh Pups is the best dog walking and overnight care service on the Upper East Side and in Yorkville.
- Andy Sichel

My family had planned a vacation in Key Biscayne for my father's 60th birthday. My husband and I were not comfortable leaving our puppy, Bleecker, with anyone- so one of us was going to stay home- until we met John at the dog park. Bleecker immediately loved John, as did the other dogs he was walking. The next time I was at the dog park, I overheard another man talking about how much his dog loves to stay at John's house. Right before we were to leave for vacation, Bleecker ate something that made him sick. John soothed all our apprehensions about leaving a sick puppy, and updated us every day how Bleecker was doing. Bleecker came back from John's trained better and very happy!! We were able to enjoy our vacation because we 110% trust John (which says a lot from an over protecting mother like me). Bleecker gets excited every time he sees John! We will enjoy many more guilt-free vacations thanks to John!!
- Courtney DeBaun

John was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I couldn't have asked for a better dog walker. He was very professional, dependable, and a genuine dog-lover. But most importantly, he was very patient and attentive with my dog who I thought was "un-walkable". John gave her the personal attention that she needed to get over her "fear" of walking and soon enough I saw clear improvements! I would recommend John to anyone. Thank you John!
- Jooin Im

I depended on John from The Posh Pups to take my VERY energetic Shiba Inu puppy Stella out for a walk twice a day. He was always extremely reliable and sent me weekly updates about her crate-training progress and any changes in her behavior. I felt that I was always informed, even when I wasn't home with her myself. He takes each client's needs into consideration in order to provide the best possible service, and peace of mind for us working dog owners.
- Samantha Marshall

John is professional, experienced, and just plain loves his clients. Our Lina truly looks forward to her walks and to seeing him every day!
- Kelly and Jason Gordon

My dog Jasmine likes staying with John at Posh Pups so much that she doesn't want to come home! A happy dog makes a happy dog owner.
- Edward Marks